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Thread: 222 vs 243

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    222 vs 243

    I got a variation last year for a 222 that I was supposed to be getting but by the time the variation went through Id missed out I currently have a 243 which I love to shoot with for foxes ,deer and target practise .My dilemma is I keep telling myself I dont need a 222 because the 243 does everything then something in the back of my head keeps saying go for it you cant have too many rifles.My original plan was to use the 222 for foxing and vermin and the 243 for deer .

    Thanks for any replies that may help me decide .

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    .222 is cracking bud, am lucky i can use mine for Roe up here, dont get much carcass damage. Am putting in for a variation soon but its for a 30.06 for the bigger beasts. Will always use the .222 for Roe and foxing though .

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    Keep the .243 and go with the .222 Rem. Cracking little round and very cheap to fill hulls on........................... so use the .222 for practice as well as vermin and smaller deer where allowed FMJ and match bullets are easy to come by for the .222 so best of both worlds same goes for poly tipped and traditional expanding bullets..

    Although soem say the .243 is light for big deer it's grassed too many for that really to be the case. Bullet placement and choice of bullet is what makes the difference. Then later you can always cite bigger deer as a reason to get a 7mm/270 or .308 . Well as you say you can never have too many rifles. The .243 can cover for the bigger as wella s the smaller in case you have rifle issues at some point.

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    FS25 my mate has grassed a hell of a lot of deer with his 222 compared to his 243 but then he was never comfortable with his 243 and traded it in recently so hes saying go for it.

    BH ,yeah I will always keep the 243 ,just wondering if it will become slightly redundant tho .

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    You can pick a nice 222 up for next to no money. I would get one and see how you get on with.
    You could then always sell the 243 and get a bigger deer calibre for your deer shooting.

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    Cougar, yeah mate for the price of a rifle and mod (ive a spare Pecar scope lying) I could get the foxpro +something else for my budget.

    Jay had thought of that ,ive used friends 308's and 6.5x55's and like although maybe not totally needed the now till I start getting time and places to shoot more deer

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    Ive got a .222 for foxing and its perfect. Id say 99% of my foxing is done under 250 yards and ive never felt the need to go bigger. Knocks the muntys down nicely aswell.


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    Ive got both,cheap but excellent little CZ527 in .222,light easy to carry and versatile on smaller deer/fox,and a Sako 85 in .243,as said.....if youve got space in the cabinet.

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    Why don't you put a lighter load through the .243 and get a bigger deer rifle?

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