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Thread: Cracked Action

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    Cracked Action

    As you can see there is a crack comming of the proof mark,only got my rifle in October had 100 rounds through it developing a load
    Due to go on my first stalk on 20 Feb saw the crack whilst fitting my new scope. Taken it back to the RFD I got it from they say they have never seen anything like it before, they are going to have to send it to Birmingham so they can have a look as it would seem they are at fault.
    Dont think i will have may own rifle back for end of Feb.

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    What type of rifle have you got there?

    Rgds Ian

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    What make of rifle is it?

    Be aware that if you admit to shooting your own reloads, the maker may well use that as a way to weasel out of any responsibilty...

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    Its a Schultz and Larson M97 DL. The problem would seem to be that the proof house have stamped too close to the edge causing the crack to form.As for the reloads 60 of the rounds through this rifle were factory ammo.The rifle also is a switch barrel model so the area of the crack should not be under any undue pressure as the bolt locks in to the barrel and the only thing under the bottom of the crack is two pinch bolts that hold the barrel in place.

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    I believe the proofhouse stamp is applied with a hammer and punch and I would be very surprised if that would cause the action to crack under normal circumstances.

    My first thought was that it was a scratch, perhaps where the punch had "skidded" but on second thoughts I doubt a scratch would have turned the corner like that..

    With regards the reloading, some rifle makers expressly mention that using reloaded ammo invalidates their doesn't matter to them if you've only fired one reload or a thousand...I'm not saying its right, just saying thats the stance they often take..



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    Definately not a scratch if you take the barrel out you can see the crack on the inside of the action, also you can't see it that well on this photo but the crack starts right on the corner of the proof mark. Now I may be wrong but thats a big coincidence.

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    Hopefully they will do the decent thing and accept responsibility without giving you too much hassle..



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    Hardstamps as used are stress raisers, basically by stamping the material you create a higher stressed area, which can lead to cracking. Being applied close to the end of the action is not good. Hope you get a satisfactory response from Birmingham!

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    What a drag. Sorry you're going to be without your rifle.~Muir

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    Thats pretty shoite mate. I would demand a replacement until it is resolved at least. Garages give courtesy cars out if you are left without one. Worth asking I reckon. I don't think you should be without anyway after paying good money. You should have a new rifle and it is then up to the RFD and proof house to sort it out between them. You have statutory rights with anything you purchase from anywhere.
    I noticed from the photo that it is a 6.5 x 55. Someone mentioned that calibre recently on here!
    Good luck with it. Go back to the shop and tell them you need a rifle now or a full refund!

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