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Thread: Squirrel Trap

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    Squirrel Trap

    Had a slight squirrel problem so I borrowed a Kania 2000 trap. Certainly a very effect method of getting rid of these destructive little creatures. Just out of curiosity I had a look on Bushwear to see the cost of these traps. 54.99 Surely not. Good as they are it's only a metal box with one almighty spring. Maybe the price for a dozen LOL

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    thats not a bad price mate there a lot dearer from pest control suppliers

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    Gonna start trapping some myself what is the best bait ???

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    Best Bait

    Sun Pat Extra Crunchy Peanut butter or Nutella and perhaps peanuts.

    Failing that .22 JSB Exact at 900FPS.

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    Peanut butter works a treat. I also use corn on the cob. Seems to work best after it has been in the trap a few days. If using the Kania just watch your fingers. That is one serious spring.

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    I used to put fenn traps in a smaller tunnel box on the tree for squirrels with thick branches around the outside to try and encourage them through.
    This worked well. I never tried it baited however I would imagine a bit of bait under the tread plate would do the business.

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    fenns are good but i put the peanut butter on the plate it works just as good

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    I once set a Kania fairly low down on the trunk of a tree, baited up with peanut butter and caught three fox cubs in a week! All stone dead, that spring takes no prisoners.

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    Fenn trap nailed onto a tree with a couple of staples A bit of pipe with a hole cut out to sit over the fenn making a tunnel with peanut butter or chocolate

    the pipe to keep unwanted hands away from the trap.

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