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Thread: Fixed Magnification, Illuminated Reticle Scope

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    Fixed Magnification, Illuminated Reticle Scope

    As it says in the title. Any information on this would be good. Please don't tell me I need a zoom, you might be right but it is my thread until it gets hi-jacked . Also play nicely please.


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    Any particular make in mind or is that the question?

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    That really is the question. Never ceases to surprise me the people who pay for a variable scope and never vary it. Just less to go wrong as well.


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    I have two fixed magnification illuminated scopes. A Kahles Helia CB 8x50 and a Swarovski 8x56 L NA. The illumination on the Kahles is in the form of a cross whilst the Swarovski is in the form of a dot. I use the Kahles on a 30-06, mainly for Fallow and the Swarovski on a 243, mainly for Roe and Muntjac.
    Both have variable intensity of illumination but I only tend to switch them on at very first or last light, usually within or on the edge of a dark woodland background. I have found that they make all the difference in those first or last minutes when one can see the beast but not the centre of the crosshairs. The Swarovski can be adjusted for daytime illumination but the Kahles not so.
    They are both discontinued models I believe, althought I bought the Kahles new about three years ago. The Swarovski I bought secondhand from a friend who bought a Z6i. I am very satisfied with them both and could recommend them if available. Light gathering on both is superb as one would expect. If I remember correctly, I paid 630 for the Kahles and 700 for the Swarovski. I felt that they were an excellent buy and good value for money. Good luck, I hope you get what you are looking for.

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    If you are looking to buy one then be sure to take a look at Nickel before you make a decision.

    In answer to your question I have a non-illuminated 8X56 S&B and am very happy with it but if I had the cash I'd buy the 8X56 non-illuminated Nickel. I've always decided it was too dark to shoot before I've lost the crosshairs on my S&B and while I can see the advantages of illumination I don't think it would offer me any significant advantage.

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    just bought s&b 8x56 illuminated for my 308. lovely bit of kit!!
    atb steve

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    I have a 5-25x56pmII and 8x56 both S&B with IR both are outstanding scopes ,the 8x56 is my do all scope on the rifle for deer fox and anything else you wont go wrong with this scope

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    Meopta 6 x 50 IR suitable up to 50 cal? Probably better get serious though.


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    i have the meopta 7x50 they are grate never had a problem been on .30 06 .25 06 and now left on the .17 and personly like them better then s&b but thats just me but if you have the money ziess is the way to go the best kit

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    7x50 is a nice compromise spec. I find 8x a bit much but like 6x. On occasion though a little more mag helps. The Meopta seems a good scope. Zeiss also make that spec, dont know about the others. I think I would go for the Meopta.

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