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Thread: A photo says 1,000 words

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    A photo says 1,000 words

    While having some sympathy for the OP asking that we don't have any more photos of dead foxes I thought to start a thread where people can post photos that they think say 1,000 words, or maybe more. This isn't an attempt at scoring points off the OP in the first thread but rather an attempt to open the floor to pictures that people think tell a story. Hopefully RED-DOT will see fit to post some of his images as well, though I guess he will not be posting one of a dead fox :-)

    In my case I am going to post a photo I took of my first red stag after he was dragged back almost to the road by the ghillie (I can't take credit for doing the dragging). The background to this is that I had been trying to shoot my first red stag for about 4 years and I ended up shooting this little chap last September. I think the photo captures the essence of a day spent stalking red stags in the Hebrides with the sun hitting the hill behind and the heather in full bloom mixed in with the relief of a successful day. Even the least observant among you will have spotted that he isn't exactly a trophy of record breaking proportions but I was over the moon to get him and walked at least 60 miles over the years to shoot that stag. So, although this is merely a photo of a dead deer at the bottom of the hill for me it is a story of many more than 1,000 words:

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    No narrative, I just like this shot - quite moody.....

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    caorach thats a lovely shot i like the leading lines to the hill in the background. this is one of my favourite shots ,atb wayne

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    Caorach, out of interest, which of the Hebrides was that beast taken on?

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    Isle arran a long walk but worth it Click image for larger version. 

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    Took the wee man shooting for the first time with the old fella,and they both shot well.Great moment for me anyway.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    One man and his dog. Myself and my pup on a late summers evening fishing up Strathconon.
    Click image for larger version. 

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