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Thread: recommended rifle bluing

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    recommended rifle bluing

    Hi All,

    I want to touch up the blueing on my rifle I have in the past used birchwood casey,
    while it has done the job it doesnt last very long can anyone recommend at good brand,

    Thanking you in advance for you time,


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    I'm not a fan of the cold blue stuff - yes, it does the job....just, but leaves a bad smell & as you know it wears off quickly

    I found a new product a couple of years back on a well known internet auction site in the USA.

    Look for WARM BLUE - it's a pack with 3 chemicals: a cleaner, a bluing agent and a fixer.
    Works really well - you can touch up worn spots without any bother...and if you look at the area you have done in different light & are not happy, you can go back & add more of the bluing on top.
    When done it was VERY difficult to spot where we had been adding the blue solution & no bad smells, etc.

    Not sure who made it - but it was about $35 or $40 for the kit.

    If you cannot find it get back to me & I'll e-mail my mate for the name, etc.

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    Thanks very much ill get back to you soon

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    Caused a little confusion - I had only half remembered the product name


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    at the bottom of the page its states:

    NOTE: Blue WonderĀ™ Gun Blue will only work on carbon steel. It will not work on stainless steel, aluminum or other alloys such as the metal used in some model Winchester receivers. Make certain the metal is carbon steel before proceeding.

    I was wanting to redo an old beretta s55 shotgun, but thats chromium molybedium alloy steel? can i use this product, or is there something else i should use?

    Id like to try it with the beretta before i start messing to touch up my miroku mk38.

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