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Thread: pair of parker hale mounts - rahs3 preferably

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    pair of parker hale mounts - rahs3 preferably

    Anyone got any in a drawer somewhere? They'd find a good home on my lovely old dickson PH .270

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    Got some RALS3 festering in the gun box if they are any good to you. Perhaps not if h=high and l=low!


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    Thanks for the thought mate - but its high I really need

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    I'm selling some leupold rings and bases, that were in use on my parker hale 1200

    For Sale: Various Scope Rings and Bases - Mostly Leupold

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    Cheers mate - but I have some weaver bases and decent rings, I just wanted some genuine parker hale ones (I'm sad like that)...

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    Ive got a pair of Parker Hale RAHS 3 in good condition,havnt got a clue what they are worth though.

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    No idea mate to be honest - I know the 26mm or 30mm ones go for silly money, but I'm not sure about the 1"? Any idea what you want for them?

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    OK not silly money 25 posted sir,just had a look on mounts and rings website..ouch!

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    If you give me a bit I'll get back to you asap mate - one of my shooting buddies has emailed me and thinks he has some, so they'll be free If he doesn't I'll get back to you. I do have a set of functional mounts on it at the moment, but wanted something a bit more original without spending a fortune...

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    Sadly the prices of P-H stuff has gone up rather steeply over the last year or so. One thing to look out for is the P-H one piece mount meant for the Remington 760 rifle that fits the P-H rifles:-

    Offered in 1" and 26mm they are about the same height as the RAHS.3's and can sometimes be picked up cheaper than the rings.

    Hope that helps.

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