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Thread: Rat trap designs/plans

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    Rat trap designs/plans

    My sister is having serious problems with rats at her house. I have knocked a few over with the .22 air rifle but they are all over the place. My third nephew is a dab hand with woodworking and DIY and I would love to find some plans for a rat trap that he could make.

    I wonder if anyone has such a thing or could point me in the right direction for some plans he could use to make up some traps to try and get rid of the problem?
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    In my experience you only normally catch the odd one in traps mate.
    We used to put fenns in tunnels all around the grain store, after a week you might catch one, but then it could be a week or more before you would catch again.
    I dont like to use poison but we had a bit of a problem this time so had to.
    Even tried gassing the bloody things first, did it twice and they were still there.
    Using poison still took a fortnight to get on top of them, one or two still about now.

    Good luck, whatever you do.

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    Put some blocks on there edge with a sheet of ply on the top. Fenn trap at the back with some wheat behind it.

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    Had a similar problem some time back and got a mate who researched the internet and rigged up a very effective home made trap.
    It was basically a large plastic bin which was sunk into the ground and 3/4 filled with water.
    About 2" from the top there was a wooden pole like a brush handle fitted across through 2 holes. The pole could turn easily and in the middle of the pole was a small piece of wood near the centre, like an off centre see saw.
    Around the sides of the plastic bin, on the pole and the piece of wood there was bait like peanut butter smeared.
    The rat walked across the pole and when it went onto the see saw bit, was tipped into the water.
    It caught 3 within a day but the missus freaked out when she realised the rats were being drowned and the trap had to go.

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    Maybe try several options.
    I have used a battery powered electrical plate against a wall (needs to stay dry(ish) so covered) or fence. baited with peanut butter . Ratty comes looking for goodies and is zapped stone dead. Plate turns off and ready to reset. You need a bit of bait on the outside as they come sniffing around before entering the death zone.

    The other possibility is to find a bait box. usually prebaited to keep the poison away from non-target species. Countrywide stores usually carry em . You may need a few though!

    hope that helps?>


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    Mk 4 Fenn traps for me too....No 2nd chances.

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    If 'they're all over the place' then the only way you'll get rid is through a proper poisoning job.
    Below is a link to my website.
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    like the guy abov says if there is a infest of rats the only way to get on top is some gd poison down is the only way.
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    Buy plenty of Rat Sticky Boards if you do not want to use poison, if memory serves me you get approx 12-15 boards in a box and they are approx 10" x 5" but you have to check them regular as they can eat there way off of them.
    They do work really well where your limited with baiting indoors, but they will work outdoors as well just cover them up from the weather.
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    As is becoming clear there is no one method that will eliminate the problem. From the sounds of it you are going to have to throw everything at it, trapping, shooting and full on poison programme. Do something, anything, and quickly as rats populations can grow very quickly.

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