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Thread: Krico 22lr bolt

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    Krico 22lr bolt

    Ive obtained an old (1975) Krico 22lr but its got a few problems. Most recently ive found that the top of the firing pin (which looks nothing like the drawing i have incidentally), has been ground/ worn down so that the safety no longer works, worse still if the bolt is "wobbled" from the rear then the pin fires when cocked. Obviously not useable yet, but the problem lies in where to get a pin / bolt internals from? Krico dont supply parts anymore and cant seem to help. Anyone know where to obtain parts or have some old parts theyd like to sell? ...... or is she destined for the scrap bin?


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    Good luck.

    I gave my krico 22lr away, after failing to get any parts for it myself.

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    Think theres always a way Gary, I might just build it up with weld and grind it back down again if i cant replace it, otherwise make another one perhaps. Anyone help?

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