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Thread: Blaser r8 308 barrel and sound mod

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    Blaser r8 308 barrel and sound mod

    Hi all barrel and mounts now sold
    Sound mod still for sale going very cheap third eye spartan
    308 230 new asking 70 ovno collected
    15/1 spiggot
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    good luck with your sale mate shame its not a 222 regards pete .

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    Cheers pete
    Cracking bit of kit I have it in 22/250, 243, and this 308
    But I'm looking at retiring the 308 and getting custom job in
    A different calibre, it shoots great have it grouping at under half inch with 3 different
    Thanks keiron

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    keiron nice mate
    got mine in 243 and 30 .06 just using the 30 . 06 at the minute getting on so well with dont see the point in changing
    just fancy a 222 to finish off the set up .
    not surpried your getting such good groups did a three shot group a month back all touching
    when i come in off the range the shop / range owner said thats what you pay for with BLASER
    regards pete

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    Hi pete
    That's very true I have found some extremely acurate loads for my 243 give me a pm if you want any data

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    Price drop

    Price drop 890

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    Hi Keiron.
    Thats a good price not many s/h R8 barrels around best of luck with the sale
    ATB Steve

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    Thanks Steve
    Someone will get a bargain

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    Final price drop before trade in 850

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    Can you confirm the length of the barrel and whether it is fluted ?


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