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Thread: My Suspicious Nature

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    My Suspicious Nature

    I am currently working in Linlithgow part time. I had to go over this morning at 9.45. As I passed the second Beecraigs turning after the Avon Gorge turnoff there was a SSPCA van in the layby one officer either side of the side door (wide open). one checking traffic one way one the other. The field was empty but sheep field before and after, My suspicious nature was in overdrive, Was something bein released?? Jim

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    fingers crossed it was muntjac

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul at barony View Post
    fingers crossed it was muntjac

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    yeah the law does not apply to them only those they feel sould not have animals.

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    Edinburgh SSPCA up to their old tricks again.

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    A couple of years ago i was told by the farmer where i shoot that he had seen a small blue van parked in the layby next to the farm. The back doors were open and it had cages inside. He had seen it a couple of times before he mentioned it to me, i said i would keep an eye out for it. I was up the farm with the lamp squeaking for foxes and the first night i had 6 and had a further 4 over the following week! Not sure who was releasing em onto the farm - but they didn't last long!!


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    I would've put the cat amongst the pigeons!

    I'd have stopped the motor and asked if they were releasing foxes as I had the vermin control in the area, (even though I don't)
    had shot out the last lot that had been released and needed extra practice.

    It would be interesting to see their reaction and if anything got released there in the future


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