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Thread: Give up with the dog or what?

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    Give up with the dog or what?

    4 years old black lab, great nature but just doesn't work but happy to be at heal. It seeks and sniffs fine and will fetch tennis balls a few times before it gets bored but is not anywhere near the field standards of my last lab that was perfect. Honestly, it's just at the point where I could just shoot it or just give it away. That might seem harsh but I've tried and failed with this one. What do you do?


    'it's just at the point where I could just shoot it or just give it away'

    that means I'm frustrated and don't know what to do
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    You need to find something that excites it, probably food been a lavatory door! Once you find what it loves build on from there.

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    Paul its just a none worker and if you need to work so hard just to get it to hunt why bother there are plenty out there that will hunt for fun and just need guidance.

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    hi, i would just give her to someone that you know will look after her. think shooting her is a bit brutal

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    What are you trying to use it for? Deer or game? If the latter - and not trying to worry you here - our first lab was a rescue dog that we got at around 2 years old, then took shooting and beating for 7 years and it never once showed any inclination to work. Then, at age 9, I sent it for a blind retrieve and from that moment on it was the best picking up dog I've had. It subsequently retrieved birds that many other dogs could not find, including one that was stuck up a drainage ditch. Why it suddenly clicked when aged 9 I have no idea, but we loved it as a pet regardless.

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    I've never had one that didn't work out. I'm sure that's just the way it is sometimes but I don't want to give up as I've nothing trained after my last dog died early of cancer.

    edit, game dog seeking and picking

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    I hope you are joking about shooting the dog!
    In my experience if its a working dog you are after you need the drive to be there. Its much easier to have to "reign in" a high drive dog rather than try to build on the drive (or lack of it) in this case.
    If its a worker you need, get another and this one can be a pet rather than invest a lot of time and effort.

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    I'm sure someone on here will be able to give the dog a good pet home, if it doesn't want to work.


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    Have you had the dog from a pup?

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    Can't offer any advice on the training side as I don't have Lab experience. But I don't understand the push back against shooting the dog. If Paul feels that he can't work with the animal then surely the most responsible thing to do is to humanely put it to sleep rather than pass it on to someone else who may or may not abuse it, breed feck out of it, neglect it or pass it on again and again.

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