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Thread: Bitch in season??

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    Bitch in season??

    I have been watching my 3 yo lab bitch for for signs of her coming into season and noticed on monday that her vulva had started to swell. (might have been over the weekend but I was busy and the dogs were left to the wife ).

    I have seperated her from the males as a precaution. Already had one misalliance to deal with this year. My 12 year old lurcher & my mates Springer bitch produced 8 "Sprucher" pups when he asked me to look after his dogs when he was in Dubia. neglected to tell me that the bitch was due to come into season.

    My 9 month old lab dog pesters her but the lurcher is fairly indifferent when I allow them supervised contact.

    However she has not started to bleed yet. Is this normal? I have only had her a few months so do not know how she has come into season previously.

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    Look like things are happening, she seems to have a bloody discharge as of today.

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    If she is now droping blood you will have around 12 days until she will stand for a dog,the problem time is when the blood stops and the discharge is clear,if you put your hand near her tail and she stands and her tail moves over to one side thats the time,my vizsla bitch would push her self back against you at this time.


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    Ours almost started walking backwards when the discharge went clear.

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    Its been a week know for mine She has gone all girly !!
    Now why didnt the ladies at the local Mecca , in my teens behave like this !!

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