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Thread: nor star T8 .30cal moderator?

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    nor star T8 .30cal moderator?

    Whats your thoughts on a nor star T8 .30cal moderator? I have sent my .222 barrel away to be cut down and threaded and the gun smith as recommend the above moderator?


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    I prefer the AU-SL5 myself. At one point a friend and I did a trial of the North Star v the AU-S5. They both performed the same and the groups didn't move. Google came up with the following article:

    My final comment would be the .30 cal will set you fair for any future rifles you purchase up to .30 cal, but if you are sure you will stick at .222, then a .25 cal mod might be an option too.

    Good luck. JCS

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    i have 2 north stars at the moment, i quite like em, does the job, the north star is different to the t8 tho,

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    Thanks for the replys. Im reading through google's response the now.

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    I have a North Star on my .243, good SOLID moderator, it is heavy though!

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    Its weighs 22oz need to work that out into grams? need to google that one. Weight isnt a problem, 99% of my shooting is done from a high seat or out the car window for the foxes

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    Same as NellyT good but heavy.

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    not much difference in the weight between the t8 an north star

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