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Thread: What would you buy.

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    What would you buy.

    hi,i,m in th market for a second hand .270 with asynthetic stock.
    can anyone recomend a good make,and is there any things i should watch out for,cheers.
    The scudd

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    Sako 75 or Tikka T3?

    I have a 75, as does the stalker in Scotland where I go. Tough as old boots and just needs the occasional wipe down (I was talking the rifle, not the stalker). I've never had a problem with mine.


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    I agree, a Sako 75 the other rifle I would look at is a Tikka 695 if you can find one.

    Best rgds


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    your wife says u are not allowed any more guns..

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    Good man Mcstalk, i won,t tell her if you don,t.
    I,m going up to try for a fallow tomorrow afternoon,will let you know how i get on.

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