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Thread: A good nights foxing

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    A good nights foxing

    Shot 8 foxes last Sunday night at the same place with the hmr, the single one was too far to carry to join the rest of them, this is the most i have had in one outing for some time.
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    Good few poult killers there mate, WELL DONE. Have to get out myself and get a few.

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    Blimey - that's great going - well done!

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    Bloody hell, well done. How did you manage that?

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    There does seem to be a lot around at the moment,well done bud.


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    Well done i have not had that many in one night in yrs.

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    WOW. Thats a lot of fox...What were you using to call them with?

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    Quote Originally Posted by stevienicknacks View Post
    WOW. Thats a lot of fox...What were you using to call them with?
    I have always just used my hand and mouth they seem to like the sound it makes, i have never found the need for electronic calls or whistles although i am sure some of them are pretty good.

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    Well done, great shooting! I think Steve will now do his best to convince you about that!

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    I saw the first 2 i shot when i arrived, i called another 3 out of cover shot them, saw another 2 and shot them then finally got the last one in the furthest away field called it out of woods, all foxes shot using Anschutz hmr using 17grain red tips, Lightforce Striker variable hand held lamp, no night vision or fancy gadgets, i have larger centrefires also but i have a soft spot for the wee gun, it's a great tool just to wander about with and it does the biz for me.

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