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    2ND stalk

    Out in the morning for my second stalk. My first was good although no animals shot, I did see deer and very nearly got to shoot. I decided the shot had too much chance of hitting tree branches so held fire. The info I got from you guy's after asking "Whats expected" was great and really put my mind to rest. So now get up at 3:45 for a 2 hour drive and hopefully onto some fallow. With luck should get to drop one this time. If lucky I'll do a little write up as I enjoy reading other's on here. Surprising what I learn from reading them. Will put up a pic so hope I don't upset anyone with dead animals. Keeping my fingers crossed for a good day. (I'll uncross them before firing).

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    Good luck, hope it all comes together for you. Atb, Jim.

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    Good luck this morning Woodmaster, let us know how it goes. I am off sick with man flu so its nice to read about others exploits.

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    What a great day. Shot my first and 2nd fallow. I'll do a full write up later. Didn't get home till Midnight so knackered now. Write up will be in the correct forum. Thanks for the Luck it worked.

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    Nice one, hope many more to come.Look forward to reading about it. Atb Jim.

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    Bit delayed as the first attempt got lost. I'll put it articles and write up's. Hope you enjoy the read.

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