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Thread: Washington DC deer cull

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    "Under the plan, the national park service, which runs Rock Creek, would deploy snipers from the US Department of Agriculture to take out the majority of the deer population"

    Only in America could the department of Agriculture employ snipers

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    'Others say the idea of donating the meat to food banks is a stunt, made to deflect bad publicity from the cull, and that it would be far more humane to kill the deer through lethal injection, not gunfire.'

    a) do they get a trial first?
    b) could Johnnie Cochran get them off?
    c) would they still send the meat to food banks?

    'government sharpshooters, equipped with night-vision goggles and silencers,...

    How will homeowners on the boundaries of the park respond to volleys of gunfire during the night?'

    d) are the 'government sharpshooters' (who have presumably been in storage since the Civil War) going to be forced to take their silencers off and form ranks?
    e) do journalists even read what they write?

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