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Thread: steyr manlicher in .270

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    steyr manlicher in .270

    Hi All, been thinking of adding a steyr manlicher luxus to my collection for stalking, just been offered one after the owner passed away, anyone got one of these? are they a good gun, its in mint condition, everyones thought most welcome

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    I have one in 30-06 with a spare barrel in .243. It is exceptionally light and I remember the first time I fired it; the recoil was very light with 180gr rounds. I bought it on a whim but as a confirmed Blaser user, I will not use it for stalking. It is up for sale!

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    ...there had to be some somewhere Conor! Blaser is a very acquired taste for me.

    You will not be disappointed in the Steyr, or the calibre for deer stalking - with a standard disclaimer, not knowing how much you might be asked to pay for such an item.

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    Hi Eric

    It sure is an acquired taste, just like Guinness! I have 7 calibres from Blaser and with the exception of the .375 H&H,(haven`t fired it yet!) every one of them is sub MOA with factory loads. Steyrs are lovely, I just prefer the Blaser mechanism and I like heavy rifles! I am happy to relist it for sale if you are interested?!

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