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Thread: How do I post on the Forum?

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    How do I post on the Forum?

    Hi, I don't seem to be able to create a new post on to the Stalking Opportunities Forum, only this one. Please can someone advise where I'm going wrong (there just doesn't appear to be a 'Post New Thread' on that screen. Thanks

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    Hi Karen

    Drop a PM to Admin. There may be some kind of a blocker if you are new on here and not a trade member. Just a guess though...

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    I believe its because you need to have 30 posts to your name, but i might be wrong.

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    Thanks, I just need to figure out how to do that....

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    Thanks, this is all a bit new to me!

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    just looked at that page its on top left corner of page maybe DDS is correct

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    Definitely nothing there! Will go in search of Admin.....

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    Can't offer anything for sale until 30 posts and a months membership IIRC. Trade membership is 10 a month (I think!) which means you can advertise immediately.
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    Karen, the are busy lads. If you look down bottom left you will see a warning triangle, click it. it is an early warning for out of order posts but it will flag up your problem when they get on line. You do not say if the opportunities is wanting or offering. If it is for financial reward yo wil have to pay trade. I wish I could have got this coverage for that money when I was buying adverts, ATB, Jim
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