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Thread: colour blindness

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    colour blindness

    Any one else on here colour blind ?

    Under normal circumstances I cannot see a blood trail, not even a speck, the red just blends in with the green and brown background. Whenever I shoot a deer on snow I am amazed at just how much of the red stuff is pumped out and how much I am missing by having dodgy colour vision. The only solution is to have the dog with me who does any trailing needed, if it was not for him I would have lost a lot of deer.

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    Me too, apparently quite common in men, rare in women, the trade off is "sense of direction".
    I have had exactly the same experience of you in seeing blood on foliage, I have to brush my hands on the grass and greenery to try and pick up some paint on my skin where I can see it. I never stalk alone so it is more a point of amusement for others rather than a showstopper.

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    Me also, my son went for an eye test today and we got to talking about color blindness, following paint has always been a problem, if itís a large splash then l am ok until it peters out or if itís contrasted like on snow then there is usually no problem.

    Men are mainly affected because women have two X chromosomes and men have only one X and a Y chromosome. If a man's one X chromosome is color defective he will be color deficient.
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    I am also red/green colour blind. So far I have been lucky and not had to trail a deer too far. The other problem I have noticed is I don't pick up deer as fast as non colour blind people when they are standing still especially roe in clear fell areas. It means I have to take it really slow which is no bad thing....


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    I got the same affliction too! Same probs ,but also when lamping the eye colours aren't always apparent, so always have to procede with caution, and make a pos ID .

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    And me ! As you say seeing blood on grass or forest floor is just about impossible, light frothy blood I can sometimes about make out, but good old claret is a waste of time. Apart from my dog, who is a necessity, I stuff a couple of bits of kitchen towel in a pocket, or in my roe sack, and dab where the impact was and then get a direction. After that its all down to the pooch !


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