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Thread: Gibbs or Ron Wharton? 275 sporter

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    Gibbs or Ron Wharton? 275 sporter

    Morning lads! I too dream of the smoke of africa, and to see the elephant. For such a task, what would be more fitting than a Rigby .275 sporter in the early 1900s-style mould?

    Been looking around a bit, and Gibbs and Ron Wharton of Rigby both seem to offer this within my budget. Being a leftie it seems like I have would have to make do with a Mauser 2000 action, but oh well. Also had a look at Dorleac&Dorleac, the frog eaters alternative..

    Anyone have any preferences towards the one or the other, or some general advice?
    Oh, and open sights of cource. What is this scope thing the moderners speak of : - )
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    May I suggest you discuss your ideas, dreams, desire for the rifle with Ron Wharton. His workshop is situated a few minutes drive from LGW (London Gatwick Airport) he will advise the best he can and every make some suggestions for you to consider. I have dealt with Ron a few times and know of others who he has done work for whom are most impressed.

    Now it was a few years back now last time I was in Ron's workshop when he was helping me out with some Apel bases but then he still had a couple of Parker-Hale bolt tail sporting aperture (The Sportarget) sights. I tried to relieve him of one but he was keeping them for such customers like your self. My Mannlicher Schoenauer is missing it's one.

    Never had dealings with Gibbs so cannot help there.

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    Spoke with Ron, what a gent. The only thing Im unsure of is which action. SR10/mauser2000 or a Ruger77 or a Mauser 98 action. I`d love a Mauser 98, but they are rare as a hens teeth in left-hand guise.

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    There's very little difference between the Mauser 2000 and the Heym (which is an SR20 btw) apart from the bolt shroud. The SR20 has a 3-position safety (so you can unload on 'Safe') .... I think the Mauser 2000 has this too, but I'm not certain of it. These are push-feed actions.

    I've never seen a lefthand Mauser 98 ...... apart from Zastava of Yugoslavia, and BRNO recently (in .375 H&H only). The Ruger M77 comes pretty close to the M98. Both have full claw extractors (controlled-feed in U.S. speak) so might only feed properly from the magazine because of this.

    If I'm going to be accused of it then it's just as well I did it.

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    Sorry cannot help you there as I know little about left handed options. I am not surprised at your reaction after speaking to Ron though.

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    You can get brand new Mauser 98 left-hand actions from Germany. Reckon around 1500 pounds for that alone..

    Another thing is, what constitutes a "classic" rigby rifle? On top of my head:Moon sights, no horn tip,no grip cap,not too fancy wood,military bottom metal reworked(if its a 275) easy checkering pattern simple block front sight ,hard rubber pad or trap butt .... anything else?

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    Real iron sight and a QD scope so you always have a fallback.


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    Rigby's had a list of options you just selected what you wanted and they built it same as most of the British makers back then. Also remember not all Rigby's had plain wood:-

    That is my Rigby Mannlicher. What Rigby termed a "Best" sporting rifle.

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    That rifle is lovely. I stumbled upon your thread telling us about it, and given the price you paid for it I hate you only slightly less than the lad who my last GF cheated on me with

    I spoke with both Gibbs and Ron today, and funnily enough Gibbs recommended a Ruger 77 MK2 actionand were reluctant to recommend the Mauser 2000 action, whereas Ron was the other way around

    Anywho...we will see what kind of action i end up with. Not yet decided on either Gibbs or Ron Wheaton. They both worked for Rigby in London and prices are similar, so I dont expect them to be a million miles apart in quality... I dont want any scope mounts at all on it. i Have a Blaser ( which aside from looking like dame edna in a drag) works well for those kind of hunts...

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    5,386 can get this AND the case for 795 at Sorrell Brothers aka WASTE money on a Gibbs or Wharton? Now OK it has a chip missing on the horn fore-end...but for the money!!!

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