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Thread: Ideal General Purpose Deer/antelope Rifle?: Review article

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    Ideal General Purpose Deer/antelope Rifle?: Review article

    Hi all,

    I came across this review which might be of interest.

    Its a good outline review of the available calibres and benefits of each for CXP2 class game and looks to discuss the 'Ideal General Purpose Deer/antelope rifle.

    American based but might be useful for newbies like me trying to get to grips with what everyone else seems to know!!


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    Very useful, thanks

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    Interesting, and very close to what was recommended to me (and which I bought!)

    maximus otter

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    With the exception of the 6.5 Magnum I'd follow those lines 100%. I don't see enough difference in the 260 and 6.5 to differentiate between the two (I have the 6,5x55) and the 7x57 and 7-08 are favorites of mine.~Muir

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