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Thread: Trust thy dog !!!

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    Trust thy dog !!!

    Was up bright and early this morning and thought I would pop up the forest for an hour or two and try and bag myself a beast......I have been watching an old doe for a couple of months now and decided that today was her day given the chance. I parked up, loaded the 25-06 up with four 117 grain soft points and started stalking up the tree line accompanied by my German Wire Haired Alligator......the wind was swirling everywhere but I carried on regardless hoping things would improve as I climbed.

    After around 45 minutes walk I finally reached the territory of the old doe, but no sign of her anywhere, plenty of pellets and slot marks but that was my lot.
    As I started heading back to the car down one of my favourite rides my GWP stopped and started to shake uncontrollably, a sure sign something was about....after a few minutes with the binos scanning every inch ,I had given up hope and started my descent back to the car thinking it had probably been an unseen fox.......I had taken no more than ten steps though when I saw the tell tail white ears emerge from a dense clump of rashes.....By this time the dog was on the verge of a seizure, up with the rifle freehand and down went the beast with a neck shot at approximately 20 yards......A very close encounter, especially for my ground which is quite open with some colossal areas of replant.

    A very enjoyable morning with the moral of the story being.........TRUST THY DOG !!!

    PS - the beast that I shot was not the old doe I had been looking for......she is next on the hit list mind you.
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    A dog's snek is to stalking is what a compass is to hill walking.....ignore them at your peril!

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    The pooch always know's best lol!!!!

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    Well done, great tale. My spaniel use to do things like that, their nose is second to none.

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