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Thread: stopped by the traffic police today

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    stopped by the traffic police today

    for not wearing my seatbelt, it was a fair cop ive no issues with the stop , but i do think the 60 fine is disproportionate to the crime , seems we drivers are used as a cash cow
    whats your thoughts

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    I would say it needs to be enough to deter people from doing it.. To be fair not wearing a seatbelt doesn't bother me, if your happy with the increased odds of killing yourself, then go ahead. As long as your actions don't change the odds for anyone else or collateral damage then i don't see a problem!

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    But it dose change the odds of killing your passangers. 60 is cheap can you imagine how much paperwork gose in to that stop. so BELT UP

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    Quote Originally Posted by jay 22 View Post
    wear a belt
    lol i shoulda saw that coming , in my defence i had travelled the distance of 50m out the petrol station and was spotted by a traffic car putting on my belt , i actually had it on when they caught up with me

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    Wear a belt buddy it's for everyone's safety..

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    60 is cheap compared to putting your face together after going through the windscreen.

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    Bet you wont do it again in a hurry

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    Quote Originally Posted by dave 67 View Post
    Bet you wont do it again in a hurry
    lol next time i will put my belt on BEFORE leaving the forecourt

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    It's a relief that you didn't get any penalty points.This law has been around for 20 years, but it's clearly not a habit with you yet!

    You were unlucky to be spotted. What amazes me is the number of drivers seen with a mobile clamped to their ear. That's a fine and a likely 6 points, which is terrifying.
    If I'm going to be accused of it then it's just as well I did it.

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