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Thread: Stalking available

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    Stalking available

    Roe deer Stalking on a 3500 acre estate in the beautiful Scottish Borders.

    50 per stalk, accompanied or unaccompanied depending on experience.

    No trophy fees.

    Discount available with 6 stalks or more.

    Novices and ladies welcome.

    Carcasses can be bought at market value.

    Lovely cheap accomodation within a couple of miles of the ground.

    For more information call Marc on 01450860235 or 07956976806

    Please don`t shoot the messenger.


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    Now thats good value, you should get plenty of takers.

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    Do you know if they have an estate rifle?


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    Sounds good to me.

    3 weeks to go before I get my gear, i'll be giving them a call.



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    Hi guys.

    The stalking is being run by my mate Marc, a really great bloke.

    He has a 22.250 which i am sure would be available for use or there could be one of my rifles .243 or .270 if i was around when you were there as i have offered my services to take out people, "THAT`S" if people need to be taken.
    Please fell free to contact Marc on the numbers provided and he will be able to clarify the use of a gun, at least then it is coming straight from the horses mouth so to speak.


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    Cheers Wadas, I might just give him a call.


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    Good on ya Wada's another great offer for our members.

    Just so you guys are aware, Wadas's will hopefully be up in Scotland this year on the course we are offering to be one of the CW's on site.

    Having had him on my ground I will add that Ian (aka Wada's) is a good professional stalker, if he takes you out, you will have no probelms.

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    Thanks for the kind words Malcom.
    Yes, you can count on me to help you out with some of the lads up in Sutherland again this year.


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    As far as Wadas goes, keep him away from your Sika stags

    Looking forward to it already


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