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Thread: FAC lost in post?

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    FAC lost in post?

    A couple of weeks back I sent my certificate in to have it altered to "open" status. A few days ago I phoned to find out how they were getting on with processing my request, only to find that it had all been done and sent back to me, and I should have recieved it. Another couple of days have now passed, and still no sign, so I conclude it's lost in the post

    Obviously I'll get back on the 'phone if there's still no sign of it in another few days, but, my question is, in the meantime, should I continue to shoot in accordance with the "closed" conditions on the photocopy of my licence that I have kept, or can I venture further afield, on the basis that I have been granted "open" conditions, even though I don't yet have the ticket in my possession?

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    It's an interesting question.

    The photocopy is of a certificate that has been superceded, so your sole basis for believing that you're entitled to possess firearms and ammunition is a telephone conversation with the FLD. As an aside, this always strikes me as a good reason for not sending your FAC to the FLD with any renewal/variation/change of condition request.

    On the basis that you're happy to take their word that you may lawfully possess your firearms and ammuntion, it seems arguably a much smaller thing to take on trust that you have had your terretorial restricton removed.

    If it were me, I'd rather have the certificate in front of me. However, if I had the oportunity to go out with a rifle...

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    I would ask your FLO to email you conformation that you have open status before venturing further afield.

    Regards the lost certificate, I had the same thing happen to me when the FA department sent it to the wrong address. They confirmed that they did not send it recorded even though I had to. I have cut and pasted my reply to them from the email I sent at the time:

    'That's disgraceful! That makes a mockery of the system. I have to send it recorded and yet the firearms department doesn't - for the SAME document????'

    How can this be right?

    A friend of mine who is on here quite often even had someone elses certificate sent to his address with his photo on it. Just imagine the repercussions of that little clanger if he were so inclinded to take advantage of it?
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    Panic over. Came in the post today!

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    Good stuff!

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    i bet you it had a second class stamp on it ?????????????????????

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    No stamp, but funny thing is the date on the franking machine mark was the day after I phoned them, so clearly it hadn't been posted at that time!!!!
    (However, to be fair, the date on the licence did corroborate what they said about it having been processed early last week).

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    Drama Queen


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    Quote Originally Posted by VSS View Post
    Panic over. Came in the post today!
    good lord ! who did ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by smullery View Post
    Drama Queen

    I know, I know!!!

    Thing is, folk are always posting on here about problems with their FAC application, variations etc, and I just wanted to have my moment too...!!!

    In reality getting my FAC (about a year ago) and now having it changed to "open" status has been easier than falling off a log, so full marks to North Wales Police.

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