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    Well I've had my 2 best mates on the phone today. The first was eating his breakfast and saw 2 foxes in the field at the back of his house. He got rifle out, sprinted (rather him than me) down the field and missed the 1 that was still hanging about. Ran forward and it paused 100 yards into next field. Goodnight vienna.
    Second mate chose to freeze his nads off up a highseat. Saw 4 deer very early on but could make no shot. Froze some more and eventually got down and stalked a bit. Ended up 40 ft from 2 roe does unexpectedly. ! winded him, ran and paused, thank you. Second now ran and then also paused, voila!! 2 down.

    Well Done Lads!!

    And what did my Saturday involve? A trip to the pantomime with my entire family, OH YES I DID
    Never mind every dog has his day!!

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    But that day with the family bought you some valuable stalking time.
    As they say, "what goes around............................................ .........

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