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  • Muntjac

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  • CWD

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  • Roe

    3 10.71%
  • Sika

    7 25.00%
  • Fallow

    11 39.29%
  • Red

    6 21.43%
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Thread: Which Deer have the best eyesight?

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    Which Deer have the best eyesight?

    I was wondering what others think about deer and their eyesight after stalking on Friday. I have stalked everything in UK except CWD and think Fallow have the edge over the rest. What are your thoughts?

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    I haven't voted in the poll as I don't have any experience of many of the deer mentioned but would be interested in the thoughts of others on this matter.

    One thing I am sure of it that deer eyesight works differently to ours. Now I know it is supposed to be black and white and so on but there is something different about the way they process it compared to us I think. My reasoning for this is that sometimes deer see me when I'd really expect them not to. Yesterday a sika hind spotted me standing stock still in the shadows behind some bushes at 150 yards yet recently a whole group of them failed to see me sitting watching them at 30 yards with me in a more exposed position. I'm confident that I wouldn't have seen me when the deer did and I'm also fairly confident that I would have seen me when the deer didn't.

    I've been amazed at just how good their eyesight is and have found that while they might smell you and be nervous once they see you then you are really beat. I would guess that this also acts as confirmation of them having got a wiff of you etc.

    I know that people tend to focus (no pun intended) on their sense of smell but I suspect that their eyesight is also quite remarkable under some circumstances. I'm not exactly sure what those circumstances are but I know that they can be different to when human eye sight is good.

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    The ones that see you first before they get shot

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    No vote, as Likewise I mainly shoot Fallow, BUT.
    I think a lot depends on what is familiar, i.e. the deer in Bushey Park aren't frightened of people dogs or cars.
    Same species on the estate I stalk Run as soon as they spot me. Muntjak stand and watch me whether on foot or driving, guess what? We don't shoot munties! It would seem they soon grasp the concept of what is good for them.

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    I thought red deer on the hill had the best devolved eyesight. They rely on it more than there woodland cousins, so they have adapted to suit their new environment.

    Best rgds


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    Glad to see it is not just me that think Fallow are difficult!
    I think you are right about the colour not mattering too much - after all, the Americans stalk in flourescent Cammo so they don't shoot each other. Deer just see it as another shade of grey. It does have to be a 'Disruptive Pattern Material' (DPM) though. I bet a few of you are now thinking: 'so that's what DPM stands for'!
    Blacks and whites stand out to a deer too as do things with straight edges like rifles, sticks, highseat ladders. brimmed hats, etc.
    Avoid shiny things which glint in the sunlight like stainless barrels, glasses, bino and scope lenses - keep them covered if possible as they can reflect like mirrors. silhouetting can give you away if you appear different to your background, worse still is if you are skylined!
    I found the Fallow again this morning that inspired me to post this Poll in the first place. I crawled within 60m of them without being seen this time!
    Three of them are now in my chiller!!
    Can I change my vote?!

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    I hav'nt voted as I think they all obviously they all have that knack of spotting the slightest movement, Thars comment about hinds on the hill makes a lot of sense, personally I find Fallow the hardest to get into, I think the main reason is that whilst a couple have thier heads down feeding, the rest keep a lookout.

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    I agree with you MS, Fallow are testing.

    No matter what they are doing in a group there are always more than one keeping watch for the rest.

    Tricky little suckers that make you smile and frown

    Please to read you had a productive morning.


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    buck52 you hit the nail on the head there which was something I should have mentioned earlier. Movement is the biggest giveaway. It's funny how sometimes you think they have spotted you and you 'freeze' for what seems like a lifetime. Some eventually carry on about their business giving you the chance to move like you should have in the first place - very slowly!!

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    Fallow by 1/2 a mile.

    They are the only deer that can read my number plate at 1000+ yds

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