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Thread: anschutz 525 semi about bolt removal

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    anschutz 525 semi about bolt removal

    hi guys. had a play with a mates .22lr semi auto yesterday. he hasnt had it long and not used it much but is stuggling to get it to group. i noticed the ejected cases were really hot. is this normal ? only used bolt actions personally. i gave it a good clean and it seemed to cycle better and be more accurate.
    i would like to remove the "bolt" if that is what it is called but am not sure how to do this. i suspect you have to remove the stock but before i get stuck in i thought i would ask how it was done

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    Try this link.
    J.G. ANSCH Co. KG - Startseite[J]&sprache=1

    If it doesn't work for you just google it. The owners manual is on line. They recommend that you use a special tool to orient the rebound spring. It was provided with the rifle. I think that when you pull the trigger guard assembly (per instructions) you can do a great bit of cleaning and light lubing.

    To answer your question: Freaking A! Fired .22LR cases can get hot! I've had them ejected into my open tee-shirt. They stung quite a bit!~Muir.

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    thanks boys i will have a look at that

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