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    Reloading magazines

    Hi, was supposed to be reloading manual but anyway Jonher recently started a thread giving a link to the Viht 10th edition reloading manual my question is does any one have links to any other reloading manuals that they can share. I know that Hodgdon and alliant have there data online but what about sierra or hornady.


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    I have the latest Hornady if there's something specific you were wanting?

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    Here's some other links I've found that might be useful.

    Getting Started

    Lymans - Introduction to Reloading

    Handloader - Ammunition Reloading Guide:

    Reloading Guides

    VihtaVuori - Edition 2

    VihtaVuori - Edition 2006

    VihtaVuori - Edition 6

    VihtaVuori - Edition 8

    VihtaVuori - Edition 9

    VihtaVuori - Edition 10

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    MOST of the major bullet & powder makers will happily send you a pdf or word document for the caliber you want to relaod, if you send them an e-mail

    Some of the companies even have on-line ballistics programs which assist in trajectory & zeroing info as well

    Back when I started reloading for .223, I even phoned one of the main powder companies for load data - Nobels of Glasgow!

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    Thanks for the replies will have a look, sakotrg does the book have any info for 222 and 40 and 50 grain v-max with Viht powders.


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