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Thread: Carcases in the Cotswolds

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    Carcases in the Cotswolds

    I had a few days away with the uni friends down in Cirencester this weekend and when driving around (and also driving home to Leicestershire up the Fosse Way) I noticed a considerable amount of Roe carcases lying in fields not far from the roadside, at least half a dozen, and one of my friends took a picture of another one near Witney, Oxon. All very similar, head on, spine and ribcage freshly picked by crows and foxes, legs gone. I don't remember ever seeing a carcass lying out in a field like that in the past, let alone 6/7 in one weekend.
    Any thoughts on a cause, sudden cold snap? Local disease? Maybe a wide ranging big cat
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    RTAs mate picked clean by foxes , badgers , ravens you name it

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    I would have thought there would be more left of the carcass if it was all natural causes. Poaching more like.

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    not much poaching around there mate but plenty of badgers and such

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    I have a lot of ground around this area. During the recent cold snap a lot of roe have been feeding out on the fields and moving around the area over roads etc and will have been subject to RTA's, the road you mention is particularly bad for this with long fast straights, it won't only be roe as there are considerable amounts of fallow in the area and some large groups of fawns appearing. Poaching is on the up in the area but most of the keepers have a decent handle on those involved, the local deer managers are well abreast of the situation. No idea what local disease may refer to and the big cat theory is complete b*****s.

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    Badgers pick them clean like that in a night, have seen it often with sheep carcasses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trouble View Post
    RTAs mate picked clean by foxes , badgers , ravens you name it
    Perhaps you are right. When I lived closer to my area I would usually get a phone call when there was an RTA and I would have to go and take it away and do the gralloch for record keeping purposes and then dispose of the carcass. I haven't often see them in this state! With the number of Badgers around at the moment I guess its hardly surprising.

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    Well my friend took that photo, I know where it was taken and it is quite far from roads. Did not realise badgers would do quite so much damage, but I guess they are strong, teethy buggers It just seemed strange to suddenly see a spate of them in a very similar state all over the same weekend...

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