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Thread: completed my dsc 1

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    completed my dsc 1

    Hi all, i have completed my DSC1 last week thanks to Mr Peter Pursglove who was very helpfull and would definatley recommend him for any courses, he is a real gentleman.
    I went out with him in the afternoon after completing the course and stalked and shot my first fallow doe using a 30-06 blasa rifle.
    I have been out since the course ,stalking in three morning and afternoon stalks i shot 2 more fallow doe's, using a 25-06 blasa rifle with 130grain round and 243 blasa rifle with a 100grain round, i also shot a muntjack doe and chinese water deer buck not a medal but very nice anyway hoping my luck carries on as I am now in the middle of purchasing a tika t3 lite stainless steel synthetic stock, with a t8 moderator and a leupold vx-lll 4.5-14x50mm scope hoping to put all this together by the end of the month and finaly stalk some deer with my own set-up

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    Hi gadget,well done.
    i also did my dsc 1 with peter in NI last year and i found him to be very helpful as well as very knowledgable.
    by the sounds of it you,re having a busy time,5 deer in a week,i,m lucky if i get 5 or 6 in a season.
    hope you get your rifle sorted out shortly,
    all the best, the scudd

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    Many congratulations - gaining your DSC1 is something to be proud of. It sounds like Peter Pursglove got you well sorted! Hopefully you'll find this to be the first step of a fascinating journey into the world of deer, stalking, rifles, reloading, etc.

    Don't worry about medal heads - it's the experience that counts. Some of the best stalks I've had have been for 'cull' deer, whereas the medals have all been opportunistic. Each stalk will help you build your knowledge of this fascinating subject.

    Well done again.


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    Gedget, well done

    Get your application in now for level 2, you will have 3 years to complete it with a minimum of 3 witnesed stalks (2 Credible & 1 Accredited)

    You will probably be going out accompanied sometimes and if the guy with you is level 2 that could be a wtnessed stalk to count towards your level 2, in addition if you ever want a forestry commission lease you will need level 2.

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    Congratulations! I passed mine finally in December, good to have it done. Cheers, Rene.

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