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Thread: residual ammo

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    residual ammo

    what do you guys do with residual amounts of ammo that you have in boxes. for example, I've just dug out a few boxes of norma and federal ammo with only 4-5 rounds left in each for various bullet weights, and the rifle is no longer zeroed for any of them?

    clearly there's no point re-zeroing with say 3 shots, as you've got enough left for what, 1 shot at a fox?!!

    just blow it down range for fun and re-use the brass?

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    It seems to be one of the odd by-products of reloading that I too accumulate 50 round plastic boxes with only 2 or 3 rounds in them. I just shoot them for group at paper. I would suggest that over 50% of my shooting at paper is for group only and I don't bother about the point of impact.

    Regards JCS

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    these are all factory ammo - pre-reloading days. I guess they would be useful for 'bore fouling' purposes after a cleaning session

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    Try off-hand practice at the range.~Muir

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