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Thread: Harness for a Teckel required.

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    Harness for a Teckel required.

    As title says,
    I need help choosng a good tried and tested harness for the wee man.

    I have tried him on a collar but he just chokes himself and tears my arm out

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    To much dog Martin give him back . try some of the German sites should get something there


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    Quote Originally Posted by colm View Post
    To much dog Martin give him back . try some of the German sites should get something there

    Sorry Colm this dogs a keeper, he's staying up here with me.

    You should hear him sqeal/yap when he's on a hot scent, brilliant!!!

    Oh passed the dsc1 the other week.

    Which german sites?


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    well done on your level one, are you on shore just now?

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    Martini try training him to walk properly thats the best cure i know for a dog pulling.

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    Hi 6pointer, yes i'm trying that but the begger is so so eager he's going to choke to death before he learns. I have trained 3 spaniels to walk at heel and know a few tricks but this wee fella as other ideas. So I thought for a smalll outlay the harness wont do any harm.

    Yes Colm, I'm 3 days into a 5 week trip but the weather here in Brazil is sooooooooooooooooooo nice!!!!!!!!!!

    Munjack trading have a nice harness for 55, i might go for that.



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    Took me a few months to train my teckel to stay at heal but it's worth wile I hate having a dog on a lead of any type just take your time it will come in time and good luck way dog they are great dogs and will hunt dence cover

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    Thanks for that bobcat, I'll stick at it, the little begger won' get the better of me! "gulp"

    What age was your dog when he was staying at heel without the lead?

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    Around the 15 month stage he was steady but not in the feild don't allow a teckel to hunt big massive woods when there young take him to easy bits and let him build his confidence they are terriers don't forget and can be head strong but there only doing there job but it will test your patience at times in the end it will be rewarding for I think these dogs have got somthing speicial and will work dence cover that no spaniel or other cross will get into as we no deer will go into when shot or wounded and they can be very handy at other work to mines Isent just used for this type of work I hope this helps and the use of a good training coller can be handy to atb way your dog bobcat I love the sound of them when there on to reminds me of hounds working but that's another avenue atb

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    Teckles are not terriers. They are hounds. Thats why they are what they are.

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