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Thread: I know Wellies have been done to death - but wide calf muck boot types?

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    I know Wellies have been done to death - but wide calf muck boot types?

    Like it says in the title

    Everyone rates muck boots, but I tried a couple of pairs on, and with fairly meaty calves (cycling/rugby/fat *******) they just don't sit right - tight at the top, flapping about in the middle, having a laugh if you wanted to tuck trousers into them....

    has anyone got any recommendations for something with a bit of room in them?

    cheers all


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    I have a pair of hunter neoprene lined ones, balmoral I think there called. Seem to do the job. Keep my feet warm and dry with a decent sole. Fine to walk round in all day.

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    Le Chameau neoprene lined jobbies. I find them very comfy to wear all day long, and plenty warm enough without being sweaty. They have a strap/zip/gusset arrangement down the side which adjust to suit. Worth trying a pair on.

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    Phillip Morris was knocking out Hunter seconds recently at very good prices

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    Have been using viking boots for years, have recently changed to the short walking rubber boot from grubs with a good pair of silent gaiters, absolutely brilliant, they have a vibram sole and are just right for walking and stalking and around 80 quid, a brucy bonus

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    +1 for the chameau

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