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    Cleaning rod

    Can a 308 rod be used to clean a 243 barrel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ferretmanabu View Post
    Can a 308 rod be used to clean a 243 barrel.
    Why don't you try and find out.....

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    0.308" v's 0.243" ? However the rod itself may still fit though the jag and other attachments probably won't.

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    Mine certainly can't! I have separate cleaning rods and ends (jags, mops, etc) for .308 and .243, but I did buy the .308 before the .243 so I never even looked at using the same for both.

    I've seen universal cleaning rods, but my guess would be that they are built to the "lowest common denominator".

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    Depends if the .308 rod will fit. Jags and brushes certainly won't fit, but the rod might be ok.

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    You don't say what make so it's kinda had to help really.

    The Parker-Hale rods covered with Grey plastic is for the .22 -.26 range the Yellow covered rod is for .27 upwards. Cannot help with other makes.

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    I think that cleaning kit is reasonably priced enough to have it calibre specific, although I do use the .17 HMR kit for my .22LR as well. atb Tim

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    I use my .22 rod and kit for my .243.

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    And don't forget the bore guide !

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