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Thread: Kaps Illuminated 2.5-10x50

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    Kaps Illuminated 2.5-10x50

    For sale 1 1/2 year old Illuminated Kaps BA 2.5-10x50 30mm tube FFP.
    Absolute fantastic glass. Made in Germany.
    Remaining 23.5 year warranty on this scope.
    boxed. £660,- posted.


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    A couple more up to date pictures taken a few days ago.

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    Mate I'd offer you £500 plus postage if you interested? I can't offer any higher as I just got a brand new one with the better x 56 objective lens for £700!
    The offers there mate but I'm back out to sea in 24 hours.

    Cheers Royal

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    Since when is the 56 better? If you are an expert you would know the price is the same as the 50mm.
    £700 for a new Kaps illuminated in 50/56 is under trade price. Got the serial number maybe it was of dodgy source?

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    I hope not as he is a trade seller on here and I completely trust him!

    I've always found the 56 objective lens far better for the shooting I do and yours is second hand that was the only point I was making! I may as well spend the extra £40 and get a brand new one! I thought the offer was reasonable for a second hand one?

    Cheers anyway

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