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Thread: Bushnell fusion rangefinding binoculars

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    Bushnell fusion rangefinding binoculars

    I have for sale my 2 week old Bushnell Fusion 1600 ARC 10x42 rangefinding binoculars. I bought them from the sportsman gun centre a couple of weeks ago and they are boxed etc as new. They are very good binoculars and the glass is very good, ok perhaps not in the same league as the top glass but still very good and the rangefinder is awsome, i have had ranges out to over 1800 yards and there are also many other built in features such as bush and bulls eye mode and several pre-loaded ballistic data charts which you can matcth to your load. They certainly beat carrying two items around. I am only selling due to upgrading. They cost me 599 2 weeks ago and i will take 450 + 10 for postage.

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    Hi. Are you willing to post to Ireland?

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    A friend of mine has a pair, they are very good binoculars!

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