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Thread: .243 Win brass (Winchester and Remington manu)

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    .243 Win brass (Winchester and Remington manu)

    100 of each once fired Winchester and Remington manu.

    25 per 100 plus P&P at cost.

    Please PM if interested.

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    Winchester Manu brass now sold.

    Remington Manu still available and price dropped to 20 plus P&P

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    i recieved the remington brass, and i must say 33 of them are scrap, i have Pm ed you with no reply, I know you knew about them, as you resized them with too much wax and crushed the cases, you ripped me off....

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    I did receive a PM from you but as far as I could see there was no content within it apart from previous correspondence from me to you and vice versa.

    I have checked the PM again in more detail and notice that your comments are embedded in one of your previous messages which is why I have missed it in the first instance. I also notice you made the same accusation in your PM to me as you have on open forum. The accusation being that I knowingly ripped you off. Interesting you jumped to that conclusion before giving me chance to defend myself to which I take great exception and find your attitude extremely offensive.

    First, you have not been ripped off.

    Secondly, I understand from your message, that the shoulders have been dented on several cases through excess lubrication. The cases are not crushed and any dent will shoot out following firing.

    Thirdly, I would reiterate I do not partake in sharp practice as numerous correspondents on this website will attest to. To bear this out, if you are not satisfied with my explanation in the paragraph above, I am more than happy to reimburse you your monies including return postage upon receipt of all brass that I sold to you in the transaction.

    I will wait to hear how you wish to proceed.



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    offer of reimbursement upon re-receipt of goods - fair enough. any dents or other minor flaws in the brass or any other product should of course always be described in detail at point of sale/listing of course.

    I 'have' seen numerous 'empty' PM's myself, not knowing why they were sent, Jon's explanation might be accurate as I've never checked for messages stuck within previous correspondence, so all quite believable....

    mind, I'll only be offering free brass on here, it's the sort of thing if not new that I'm not sure really has much value as you never know its quality, age, condition, number of reloads, times its been re-sold, etc.

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    I'm glad I don't do business with you!!

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