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    Your opinions please

    Yesterday, SD member Woodmaster shot a Fallow Buck which only had stumps for antlers. The buck was in good condition, plenty of fat and no internal or external signs of injury or disease. Going by the overall size and dentition of the buck we estimated about 3-4 years old, but it had only partial coronets and the uneven stumps looked as if they had been polished by rubbing. I've never seen this before and Ed (Herbert) who owns the ground has never seen this in 30 years. Any suggestions?

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    We've seen bucks with broken antlers before, but nothing to this extent and there is not a problem with any vitamin deficiency in the area. Also he was definately not buck that had cast.

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    Had both testicles descended? I shot a buck last year that just had 1 testicle and his antlers looked "withered"

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    Checked his testicles, both there without any signs of damage. I don't know how much his lack of antlers had affected his standing amongst the other bucks, but he was accompanied by a single doe at the time, although during the evening stalk we saw a group of 20 which was mainly does with 3 bucks mixed in the group.


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    the only other thing I can think is perhaps he got some frost damage in velvet and his antlers went porous, then with fraying activity during the rut he wore them down to these nubs - Very strange

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