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Thread: Nomad Stealth Tweed Smock

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    Nomad Stealth Tweed Smock

    I am needing funds for a new rifle and scope and having to let a few things go.
    I have for sale a brand new never been worn Nomad Stealth Tweed Smock size large currently selling for 410 at Nomad.
    I am looking for 300 including postage.

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    How are the sizes on Nomad? I would normally wear an XL jacket, are they big made?

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    I have three Nomad jackets and i would safely say they are very large made.. A Medium is a Large+.

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    As RED-DOT posted they do tend to be on the big side I would normally take a 44" chest suit jacket, so if you are in the 42-44 region it would allow you to have a fleece underneath if required

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    I have a small one and I am usually a medium in every other jacket.


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    For clarification with the smock laid flat it measures 26" across just below the armpits.
    So I take a 44"46" therefore I guess the size should be XL but the label states L.
    Hope this helps

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