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Thread: we have a enw toy - the Hornady .17 Hornet

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    we have a enw toy - the Hornady .17 Hornet

    I see Hornady have brought out a new toy for our amusement. Firing a 20gr bullet at 3650fps is a step up from the .17 HMR.

    Hornady Manufacturing Company :: New Products :: Ammunition :: Superformance® Varmint

    The New Hornady .17 Hornet

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    yep i intend to change my hmr for one in due course
    a barony original

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    I used to shoot 17 Hornet. It's a great little round and one that has been around for many, many years. The Hornady round moved the shoulder dimensions around a bit, but the ballistics are the same. I think that were I to choose between the 17 Hornet and the 22 Hornet, I'd stick with the .22 Hornet. I had the opportunity to own both simultaneously and shot them side by side and found the 22 Hornet to have less wind drift and far better killing power at longer ranges. As to the speed, well, it's what catches people's eye for sure, but I can shoot a 33 grn VMax from my CZ 22H at 3200 fps with 770 ft/lbs of ME compared to the 590 ft/lbs from the 20 grain 17H. I never shot a bullet less than 25 grains in my 17H. I think that the 20 grain bullet is more for velocity publicity than practicality.

    ...but you know it's got to be better than the 17HMR! ~Muir

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    I like it, think I'll be trading in the HMR!

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    looks good,

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    I loved my HMR to bits and had great fun bagging many rabbits and foxes but needed a bit more range and omph , I dabbles with the .17 variants but settled on a .204 my god i love this caliber , very fast small bullets are fun .

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    Thing I love about my fireball is the tiny 20 grain pill doesn't often exit

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    Does anyone know when the .17 hornet will become available over here?



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    It's not readily available in the states yet. It might be a while.~Muir

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