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Thread: Scope for Weihrauch 17 HMR

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    Scope for Weihrauch 17 HMR

    What would you do.....

    I have just bought a Weihrauch HW60J 17 hmr and have chucked an old nikko 3-9x40 scope on it. Its not great but it'll do for the moment.

    I am planning on buying a scope for it but cannot decide between buying a new Bushnell legend 5-15x?? or waiting to buy a secondhand leupold? (if I realised I had the cash I would have bought the leupold on here the other day)

    I shot some rabbits last night at around 120yards but could only front end shoot them as the scope was not clear enough to make out head properly.

    I want a fine cross hair, reasonable mag and decent glass to use with our nightsight add on!

    As aove what would you do?

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    I wouldn't buy either of those - I'd get a Nikon Monarch instead, much better optics imo but it all depends on your budget.
    Virtutis Gloria Merces

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    interesting you say that.........I can get a nikon monarch 6.5 - 20x?? for 375

    But I had heard they have very fussy eye this true?

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    Did you hear that from someone who owns one? I don't think it has fussy eye relief.
    I've had mine for over a year and rate it very highly.
    Virtutis Gloria Merces

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    ive just put a very nice weaver grand slam 6-24 x 40 with the fine cross hair and dot perfect on my HMR , no complaints, nice choice of rifle too.

    Never been keen on Leupold but thats me, Simmons WTC , Aetec good for HMR all nice if Philippinno , also had a lovely Burris Sig. Select 4-16x44 on my HMR for a while ( great optics and a very good ret) , now on my .223

    Ive had a few MTC scopes and IMHO not for me , found the ret too busy and eye relief not for me , but people do rate them with NV, also had Bushnell 6500 , great glass but never had legend but sure someone will come along and give you their first hand experience , am sure they are good value for money

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    It was someone on here said it a while back.......its my only experience of them!

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