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    stainless moderator

    hi all i have ordered a new howa in stainless, and would like a stainless moderator to suit. Whos the best for a stainless mods regards tony

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    If you're committed to a stainless mod, then Ase Utra for me. I was committed to one until I put an ATEC on my rifle and then the lack of weight made me worry less about the aesthetics. I have a black scope and a black mod, which suits the stainless well.
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    Committed S5 lover - but do concede it has weight; though bomb proof.

    Speaking with Jacksons and a few users the newer SL5 will give you everything of the S5 but significant weight saving.

    If stainless internals rather than matching exterior are the main thing, Atec Maxim is worth a look - we've had some very happy campers with these.
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    Roedale also has a great stainless mod. 5 baffel around 470 grams and 7" long muzzle mounted.
    Advantage is, one can take one or two baffles out to lighten for the hill. Might not be as quiet with only
    3 baffles but will still save your hearing.

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    thanks lads

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    PES make their moderators in Stainless Steel.

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    Got a PES T12 on my remy 700 stainless. Does the job and looks good to boot

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    defo the ase utra s5. the newer sl5 is welded construction rather than machined but the compact size suits most rifles. heavy little rascal although unlikely to be an issue off sticks or bipod. Noise reduction is as good as any comparable offering out there

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