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Thread: Dorset Firearms Dept - Credit where it's due

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    Dorset Firearms Dept - Credit where it's due


    At Christmas my other half bought me a day at the WMS Steel challenge in Wales for the beginning of March. She didn't realise that this was around the time my FAC needed renewing. Anyway, I was a little tardy in kicking off the process and had one of those dreadful 'Oh ****' moments when I thought that I might not get my renewal in place in time for the course.

    I explained the situation to the firearms folk at Winfrith and they fell over backwards to help me. I had it done with such good grace and humour and, very clearly, the visiting officer went to some personal inconvenience to get to see me that my faith in human nature has been restored (well almost)

    The total turnaround was about 15 working days and in that time - without prompting - they also did a fully renewed and updated EFP.

    I just wanted to put on the record my thanks and to, in some small way, balance the regular nighmares we all read about on here with something more positive.



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    Have to say I have they have always been fantastic with me, very helpful and very fast. My mates still comment on how good it was to see Dorset allow me 177 FAC air rifle, .17HMR , 6.5x55 and 30-06 on my first application.Pete

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