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Thread: Hello from Aberdeen

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    Hello from Aberdeen

    Hello everyone , only just registered and thought I had better do my introduction .

    My name is George ,I am a keeper about 8 miles out of Aberdeen and look after about 2700 acres .We do 4000 pheasants , 1000 ducks and try to stay away from commercial shooting at all costs .lol We have a syndicate that shoots and we have been here for 21 years .

    I started stalking way back when ! and have done a bit of commercial stalking , hobby stalking for my own pleasure and the usual estate stuff .

    I did the old Woodlands competence and then the Advanced stalker course over fifteen years ago with Mr Richard Prior . (A very knowledgeable man !!!) but now am in the process of doing it all again !
    except now its called DSC1 and DSC2 lolol.

    Anyway ,my passion is Roe deer .I have shot a few stags and ventured south to shoot a few Muntjac ,but cant get passed my passion for Roe .

    My rifle of choice is a Styer Mannlicher .243 , always has been .I use mainly 70 grain ballistic tips .If need be I can load it up to shoot anything our countryside has to offer .

    Once upon a time I would have been trophy minded (been there done that ! ), but not now . I enjoy the stalk and a clean kill whenever possible .

    I would like a crack at Fallow sometime ? that will come in due course I,m sure , but Stags are a thing of the past I think ? (I am allergic to hills these days !)lol

    There are bound to be others from this area on the forum ,but if you need to know anything that you think I can help with ? then please get in touch .

    Looking forward to enjoying the site

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    Welcome to the SD George, nothing wrong with a .243cal, I'm certainly happy with mine, wouldn't want to shoot moose with it, but it's a great calibre for roe. Enjoy the site. Cheers, Pete.

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    Welcome aboard George


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    Afternoon George

    Welcome to the site, plenty to keep you interested here I'm sure.
    I'm up in your neck of the woods in a couple of weeks fishing on the Crathes beat of the Dee and hopefully some stalking around Dunecht, it's a lovely part of the world up there, I'm quite envious of you.

    All the best


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    Thanks for the welcome guys ,
    And Jonathan ,There are some real healthy looking beasts about on Dunecht just now . We keep disturbing them while we are beating .I am sure they take one or two medals off there every year ,and its certainly not overshot by any means . My boundary is with Dunecht so the guys will know me as well .

    Good luck for your trip .(when are you up ? )

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    hi george good to see another local on the forum
    i`m just down the road at stonehaven
    would you be from the ballogie area if so i have picked up with you at fettery all the best bruxie

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    Hi Bruxie,
    Not Ballogie bruxie .My ground is all down the Dunecht east boundary,I am the buffer between the ever expanding Aberdeen/Westhill suburb and the estate .
    Dog walkers
    Mountain bikers
    Tree huggers
    Boy racers
    There are no keepers north,south or east of me .!Can be difficult sometimes ! lololol

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    welcome to the site, I do alot of work around ballater area how far is this from you 2434me

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    Hi Gadget,
    I am about 30+ miles from Ballater,Just 8/9 miles out of Aberdeen .

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    Morning George

    I'm up on the 8th, fishing with Robert Harper at Crathes. Will be out with Bob off Dunecht. Will probably see John too. Do you know Tocher?



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