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Thread: "Use 80gn+ .243 as 55gn's burn out the barrel"...??!?!

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    "Use 80gn+ .243 as 55gn's burn out the barrel"...??!?!

    I have a .243 for foxing & deer, and subsequently use lighter 55gn silvertips for most of my foxing and heavier (100gn) for my fallow/reds... I met a guy recently who's a pro, and said don't go below 80gn as the light stuff will burn your barrel out very quickly. Does anyone know if this is true?

    Presumably the velocity is higher as it's a lighter round, but surely the weight doesn't make that much difference to barrel wear?!

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    Dont know myself but my son has a Remmington 243 and over the last 5 years must have put 1500 rounds through it. Only when stalking the Reds (once a year) does he use anything other than 65 grn V max and it is still shooting ttight groups.


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    just been into a local gunshop today looking at reloading gear and advice and was told exactly the same...lighter weight bullets travelling faster cause more firction [presumably] and can burn out the barrel faster than a heavier weight bullet...?!


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    You are more likely to burn the throat out on the range by not allowing the barrel to cool between groups.
    I use 85gr for fox and deer, one bullet one zero.

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    Copy that Jack, I use Sierra 85 grn hollow points. What do you use?

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    when i started reloading i went up and down the lot from 58/100 before i found a load my gun liked Sierra 85 sp i use them for all my shooting foxes and deer the 58 vmax i got for foxing DIDN,T shoot well in my 243

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    Max load data for IMR 4895 on the Nosler site is 44.5gr for 55gr bullets and 39gr for 80gr bullets. Less powder...

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    The lighter bullets will tend to need a faster powder to accelerate them, as they don't have the inertia to build up pressure behind them. The faster powders will often need a greater weight of powder to achieve the same velocities, so may burn hotter. In theory this could cause an increase in barrel wear, especially at the throat. In practice unless you are shooting large quantities of ammunition it's very unlikely to cause a problem.

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    It's pressure and heat that "burn up" a throat. High pressure loads of any weight bullet will erode a throat. Other factors may come into play (bullet to bore or throat fit, f'rinstance) but it's the pressure and heat of the white-hot gasses that eat your precious rifling. (ala cutting torch) Accepting that premise, it really doesn't matter what bullet weight you use. The top end loads for H-4895 with either bullet generate 57000 PSI (give or take 1000 PSI) so on that count, when properly loaded, they should be equally damaging to the rifle's throat. JMHO... ~Muir

    (A famous ballistician once opined that if a man is worried about eroding the throat on his rifle he should just leave it in the cabinet, unfired, because every round fired erodes the bore.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by tusker View Post
    Copy that Jack, I use Sierra 85 grn hollow points. What do you use?
    I have been using Sierra Varminter, Gameking and Vmax. Used up the Varminter almost.

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