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Thread: Air rifle repair

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    Air rifle repair

    Looking for a little advice on Air Rifles. I have a very old .22 BSA Meteor sitting at home which has seen better days. My local RFD has a .22 Cometa 300 in stock for about 150ish.

    The question I am trying to answer is - would it work out cheaper to get the BSA "serviced" (new spring, new seals, trigger adjusted as it is VERY heavy) or would I be better off going with a new air rifle?

    Looks like a mainspring is going to be about 15-20 ish, the seals are going to be about 12 ish, just not sure about fitting it all and trigger adjustment (if it's even possible on that gun)
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    i would be tempted to have the meteor sorted, they were and are really nice rifles

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    Really nice old bits of kit, but if memory serves the old ones were not full power ie. 12ftlb?
    May not be worth the effort to raise the power level?

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    If the seals look ok just change the main spring for a modern one you should see the difference for very little work or cost 20 mins youll have it changed

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    This may help mate
    You could pick up a BSA Supersport or Lightning from the Airgunbbs secondhand for around 100, i have a Lightning nice little rifle and full power.

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    Hi there, A number of years ago I faced a similar problem to yourself.
    I had an old airgun whch I had for almost 30 years and looked in a very good condition. I used this air rifle to shoot a number of rats that had appeared around my hen house. Missing more than I hit, I blamed it on the old springer which was put in to a shop for an overhaul.
    In the meantime i borrowed a mid range pcp. Good grief, I was astonished at the difference and how much advances had been made in airguns.
    Bottom line is that I now have 2 pcp airrifles, one on FAC as i find them excellent for vermin control around buildings and no problems with richochet.
    If I had addessed the rat problem first time round with a pcp, I think I may have managed to shoot them all (almost).
    I would buy a second hand PCP or a better springer than the Cometa and keep your old springer as is for sentimental reasons.

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    a meteor was a piece of rubbish even 30 years ago when i hunted with air rifles they were crap good for knocking over bean tins at 25yrds but outclassed by mercurys and airsporters
    save yer pennies and buy the modern job
    a barony original

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    Quote Originally Posted by landkeeper View Post
    a meteor was a piece of rubbish even 30 years ago when i hunted with air rifles they were crap good for knocking over bean tins at 25yrds but outclassed by mercurys and airsporters
    save yer pennies and buy the modern job
    Oh dear I wonder just how we ever managed to shoot all the pests an waskerly wabbits with the old Meteors . Mine was a .177" Std my mate used a .22 Super. if I recall correctly I paid 28 for it new from the gun and fishing tackle shop on the Boulevard in Crawley. My mate had his for years by then as he was given his for his 14th Birthday and that came from Continental sports in Redhill it cost 14. The Gunsmith a certain Ray Ward set up his own shop a few yards down the way some years later the son trades on the name now.

    By the time I brought mine my mate had several including an Airsporter and switch barrel Webley Hawk that i recall. In fact I stupidly sold mine to a neighbour for his son to help him out. Regretted is so much a brought another .177 Std to replace it about 10 years ago S/H from GT Shooting of Coulsdon.

    Rebuilding and bringing up to scratch should not be very difficult depending which model it is some of the later ones MkV etc had adjustable triggers.

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    i had a few of them as well as the super meteor too,orrible triggers and from memory they had a problem with the way the barrel is hinged through the receiver that gave lateral movement i'll stand by my earlier comments they were outclassed by the other bsa rifles and webly mk3s weihrauch hw35s feinwerkbaus sports that were available at the time

    a barony original

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    I still have the late 50`s meteor my old man got me at 11, I`ll never sell it. For a wee back garden gun they are great.

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