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Thread: Little guthook

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    Little guthook

    Just seen this new on Heinnies website
    the Kershaw knives are good value usually.

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    looks cool!

    I've got a Gerber E-Z Zip, whick is simila and the good thing with this is you don't have to worry about sharpening, just replace the blade.

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    Never really saw the point to a gut hook.

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    I bought an EKA Gut Opener ( I just didn't like the idea of the EKA swingblade with the two blades, and to be honest didn't want a gut hook, but the idea of the gut opener is brilliant, angled to not cut meat. I don't think I will use it in the field, think it will come into its own in the deer larder when opening up haunched and shoulders.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cadex100 View Post
    Never really saw the point to a gut hook.
    Good one!!


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    got one on my Buck never botherd with it

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